Design notes: Dial & Hands
Design notes

Design notes: Dial & Hands

The dial is a mid-grey dark rhodium dial with a sunray finish. The applied hour markers are polished, rhodium-plated, filled with Super-LumiNova BGW9 (Bluish glow), and sculpted with a pointed end. At the center top, the polished laser-cut rhodium-plated Valérarch symbol is applied. In the center, the signature rectangular 24-hour scale with guide lines are printed. The hands are minimalistic and carefully proportioned to each other. They are also polished and rhodium-plated, which is known as the whitest metal, for maximum brilliance. The hour hand has a circle, the minute hand has a pointed triangle for more accurate reading, and the second hand has a simple square counter-balance. The dial is highly symmetrical in its layout and is a non-date to maintain this symmetry. The resulting dial and hands have a minimalistic quality, yet is visually intriguing due to its compositional balance.

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