Design Inspiration Behind The Serenity
Design notes

Design Inspiration Behind The Serenity

The Serenity was designed not by referencing other watches from the past, but rather looked towards inspiration outside of watchmaking. The curvilinear design of the Serenity was inspired by the beautiful body shape of the Aston Martin DB12, and the arches found in classical gothic architecture.

DB12 has a sporty yet classy elegance to its shape and curvature. I wanted to design a watch that embodies a similar aesthetic language. 









The arch motif found in classical gothic architecture was another important inspiration. You can find the arch motif throughout the design of the Serenity - the logo, lugs, and the angular case sides. 


The truss motif found on the movement rotor and the inside of the rubber strap are inspired by the truss system used in architecture.


Lastly, the Serenity was designed to strike a balance between sporty and dressy - allowing it to be appropriate for both formal attire and casual wear. 

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