Design notes: The Serenity Bracelet
Design notes

Design notes: The Serenity Bracelet

The bracelet is a highly complex mechanism to design and engineer - which is why brands often resort to standardized bracelet types rather than inventing new ones. However, great modern watch designs all have their own unique bracelet design. We invested the time and resources to develop our bracelet design that we are very proud of.

The serenity bracelet in steel was designed from scratch to be proportionally harmonious with the case, dial, hands, and the rest of the watch. Short semi-rounded links are connected with two interlinks. Each link is vertically brushed on top and horizontally brushed on the sides, with polished bevels. The two interlinks are also vertically brushed on top and each has polished bevels. The bracelet tapers from 19mm to 15.5mm.

The slender profile of 19mm to 15.5mm (Instead of the standard 20mm to 16/18mm) offers an elegant contemporary look. The interplay of the rounded brushed tops and the many polished bevels create a beautiful dance of light on the wrist.

Design notes: Dial & Hands
Design Inspiration Behind The Serenity